Process Analysis and Formula 1

This is simply too good to pass by, especially with the Grand Prix coming this weekend. Task in question: change tyres on a race car. Time in question 1950 and 2013. The result: what took 67 seconds to change just 2 front tyres in 1950, takes less than 4 seconds now.

Somewhat surprisingly, the way the wheel is attached to an axle has not actually changed. In both cases it is just a single center nut. What did change is the tools: it took several seconds just to get the nut off, mind you, with a hammer. Today pneumatic driver does it in a fraction of a second.

Having more mechanics (20 vs 3) also helps. However, also apparent is a much greater focus of operations: everybody has a very specific task. Focus necessitates coordination, and the result speaks for itself.


1 thought on “Process Analysis and Formula 1

  1. As a fan of Formula 1, it is very exciting to see how much this sport has changed in the past 50 years. The number of pit stops that drivers make has increased because it takes less time to make repairs to the car. Besides Formula 1, technology has positively affected the operations of almost every industry. It is remarkable to see how the advent of new technologies has revolutionized operations as we know it today by decreasing bottlenecks and wait times. I look forward to seeing how operations can be further improved in the next 50 years.

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