Logistics of the “El Plato Supremo”

This might be one of geekier post about the Superbowl. What has always intrigued me about it, is the halftime show. And not even the show itself, but rather the process of setting it up. How is the possible to set up the stage, perform, and remove it, all in less than 30 minutes?

With the help from Google, I found out. As Popular Mechanics reports, the stage is set up by a crew of ~600 volunteers. To avoid potential reliability problems, no motor vehicles involved, everything is done by hand. The crew is trained in advance during several mock up shows (8 of them – see this schedule for the New Orleans 2013 stage crew team). I find this is quite a feat. Watch the video to see for yourself.


1 thought on “Logistics of the “El Plato Supremo”

  1. I was at a Falcons game in January and I witnessed the same thing. As I was sitting in the bleachers I remember thinking to myself how can they work so quickly? It was evident from the way that the workers moved around that they had done the task many times before as their movements seemed very fluid and no confusion could be seen from the crowd. The half time show I watched involved fireworks as well and I just remember thinking how can the organizers make so much happen in so little time. I can see how tasks such as this one require so much prep work and training because one operational mistake could have very high costs and in cases like this, there are no do-overs, you have to get it right the first time. It would be interesting to study which methods and tools are used to train the volunteers and how the organizers determine when to start training. How do they forecast how much time it will take and how do they minimize the setup time. This would be interesting to look deeper into.

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