Innovation in retail: How do you bring a grocery store to people?

The picture to the left is actually a storefront of Tesco in Korean subway. Watch the video to see how it works – the idea is pretty neat: you put a full size picture of store shelves, it serves as an ad, and it connects shoppers to the online store. Nothing else changes, customers are simply given another more convenient entry point to the online store. If Tesco can also put an interactive screen displaying price promotions there, the shopping experience will be almost as good as in a real store.


3 thoughts on “Innovation in retail: How do you bring a grocery store to people?

  1. I think this is an extremely innovative concept that utilizes very strong marketing practices. I couldn’t help but think back to my to my marketing project on Fresh Direct. Fresh Direct is an online grocery store that delivers directly to your door. It is a very similar concept to that of Tesco; however, Tesco’s new interactive supermarket ads takes it one step further. Your online shopping experience had been combined with an in-store experience (i.e. being able to see the actual products). Also, it takes advantage of unavoidable idle time of the consumers. Why not go grocery shopping while waiting for the subway! Grocery shopping, an otherwise tedious and time consuming task, has been revolutionized to be quick and convenient. I know that I would shop like this way if it was available to me.

  2. This is SO neat. As Stephanie said, I love the innovation and graphic design behind this. I think this is yet another demonstration of how much of an influence tech growth is having in a number of different markets and in our everyday lives. From a health-nerd’s perspective, I think this might be an effective way for people to show for what they need and avoid purchasing “extra” “unhealthy” goods. Perhaps it can become a way for people to get back to the basics….maybe someday it can even drive down healthcare costs, although I know I am getting ahead of myself there. Time effective, visually pleasing, convenient….I am eager to see where they will take this next.

  3. This is an interesting idea, I think I would rather see the storefront of a supermarket than random advertisements at a subway station. However, there is a problem with a process like this. This retail method requires customers to have a smartphone which is connected to the internet. If I am a customer interested in shopping groceries online who have a smartphone connected to the internet, I would be able to achieve using only the smartphone and the storefront is not required. And if I am a customer interested in shopping groceries online who does not have a smartphone, I won’t be able to shop using the storefront anyway. To sum up my thoughts, I think this is a brilliant idea if the purpose is the promote and advertise about online shopping. Meanwhile, this won’t be an effective retail method if the purpose of this process is to actually sell through the storefront.

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